Friday, May 11, 2018

As YouTube says they are now competing with Netflix. All channels need to back-up on BitChute, if you're not on YouTubeRed.

'With the Adpocalypse still churning on and now cannabis channels getting the axe I don't know how long Youtube will last.' - Tim Pool

-We do see that YouTube is competing with Netflix as they say; showing they wanna make their own content on YouTube Red, a platform on the side of YouTube that doesn't have ads.

Showing the difference of what is happening. A more "authoritative" website.-

'But recently Youtube launched a show called Cobra Kai. The show is shockingly anti-PC but in a tasteful way.

Youtube Red allows them to make content without fear of advertiser reaction. Is it possible that shows like Cobra kai will save Youtube?' - Tim Pool

YouTube has taken David Seaman (Fulcrum News) off of YouTube with over 200,000 Subscribers. Then they took HighImpactFlix off while he had over 500,000 Subscribers.

This all happened after YouTube Spokesmen said in February that they only promote "Authoritative News". At that point we said "They finally said it though. YouTube confirmed, they only Promote and Trend Authoritative(?) News sources."

Voices effected have been Conservatives, Dissenting voices, and it's not just YouTube either. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube have all been censoring and removing anything they deem as "wrongthink".

In April, YouTube even admitted to their new policies and methods that deliberately screw over content creators and Independent News Outlets. They do this by not notifying Subscribers and screwing with the algorithms.

Google and YouTube control internet searches with over 75% of the market. PragerU is even suing them as they removed 40+ of their videos.

Now the newest move with YouTube is against many different Channels forcing their MCN (Networks) to drop their year long contracts to help censor their voices.

They even recently demonetized David Firth; the animator who created Salad Fingers. Everyone mentioned; and everyone in general who has a channel on YouTube need to back-up on BitChute!

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